We want to build more affordable housing in the Mission so we can protect those at risk of displacement.


We believe in inclusive communities; that means we must build permanently affordable housing to protect those at risk of displacement. We are strongly in favor of subsidized affordable housing as a means to prevent displacement and to integrate privileged & exclusionary communities.


We want to bring density and development to the privileged neighborhoods of San Francisco that have used the planning process and political clout as tools of exclusion.


We must break down the exclusionary land use policies that isolate the wealthy and powerful communities in San Francisco from the rest of us. We must build denser "missing middle" market rate housing in exclusionary neighborhoods because everyone should have access to opportunity in San Francisco.

The housing shortage impacts all of us and to have a truly inclusive community, we must build a lot more subsidized affordable and market rate housing. We can help do this by advocating for policies that lower the cost of construction, by making the planning process more predictable and efficient, and by adding density to wealthy exclusionary neighborhoods and transit centers. San Francisco is for everyone!



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