Affordable Housing for Teachers and Families

YIMBY is running a ballot measure!

We are running an initiative to expedite the construction of 100% affordable housing projects and housing for teachers and school staff in San Francisco, saving time and money for non-profit affordable housing developers.

The measure will help San Francisco build the affordable housing needed for its lowest-income residents and much-needed teacher housing. The ballot measure would streamline construction of affordable and teacher housing by ensuring projects receive by-right approval. Under our ballot measure, affordable and teacher housing projects would get permitted without being subject to arbitrary discretionary hearings. Only projects that comply with the underlying zoning and planning code would be expedited.

Because this ballot measure expedites subsidized affordable housing, only projects reserved for those making up to 80% of area median income in rental units and 120% of area median income in ownership units would be expedited under this ballot measure, as well as housing for teachers and school staff.

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